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About TBI

Over the years, my continued intense trainings since 1990 in Canada, United States and Japan have rendered me multiple SOKKIA Certificates raising my credentials to the highest accreditation level obtainable. Achieving INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION by SOKKIA/TOPCON University of Japan has enabled me to work on many various projects in different parts of the world with great achievements and tremendous satisfaction.

TBI INC. is proud to be the SOKKIA Distribution Center in Quebec.

With over 23 years experience with SOKKIA products in customer service for technical support, servicing equipment, calibration, teaching, in and out of office sales in the surveying field, working alongside land surveyors, civil engineers, engineers, government personnel, urbanism and construction companies, my expertise and experience with the SOKKIA line will be of the upmost importance and primary asset at rendering an even greater and broader network.

Our Mission

At TBI INC., our mission is to grow our SOKKIA network to an even greater level with our already existing, new and future SOKKIA dealers here in Quebec. Informing our professionals of the great selection of our high-end, precise and accurate SOKKIA products used for land surveying and engineering equipment along with their accessories is only the first step of many others to follow.

Tino Barrasso's incomparable and valuable experience in this domain along with his expertise in this field is your best advisor to guide you for the most suitable instruments required for your needs.

Our SOKKIA dealers in Quebec


8425, Mountain Sights, Montreal, QC., H4P 2B9


357, Boulevard des Prairies, Montréal, QC., H7N 2W1


3083, Chemin des Quatre-Bourgeois, Ste-Foy, QC., G1W 2K6


765, Boulevard Québec, Rouyn-Noranda, QC., J9X 7A9

Becoming a Dealer in Quebec

Becoming a dealer in Quebec has many advantages, such as:

  • Great selection of high-end land surveying and engineering equipment and accessories
  • Reliable, precise and accurate instruments
  • Resource to provide your clients complete service for their purchases in a state of the art local based in Montreal SOKCON CANADA Service Center Inc.
  • Access to dealer discounted pricing from SOK-CON CANADA Service Center Inc.

  • Testimonial Testimonial

    I am looking forward to communicating with you for any inquiries you may have or if you are interested in joining our network by becoming a SOKKIA dealer please, do not hesitate to contact me at 514-862-9923

    -Tino Barrasso - CEO