GYRO X II Automated Gyro Station

Monitoring & Specialty Systems

Some Specs:

  • Simple 3-step meeasurement
  • Determin azimuth

Product Info:

Determine azimuth anywhere, anytime.

Backsight, traverse, and solar observation are no longer required for seeking true north when GYRO X II is on the job. It operates anywhere, anytime, where other technologies cannot work or when no known station is available.

GYRO X II uses a suspended gyromotor that oscillates around the earth's meridian (true north) due to the principle of precession caused by the rotation of the earth. This principle realizes faster and more precise measurement than other solutions.

The GYRO X II is ideal for:

  • Directional controls for tunnel construction.
  • Internal baseline setup for enclosed spaces – inside buildings or hull blocks.
  • Directional controls for parabola antennas or power lines.
  • Key Features:

  • Integrated onto an advanced Sokkia SX auto-pointing total station that can be used for traditional surveying and measurement applications
  • Only 19 minutes for measurement effectively doubling your work efficiency and decreasing operator stress on every job
  • 15” azimuth accuracy. The combination of special application software and advanced motor drive system allows the true north position to be automatically calculated within an accuracy of ±15” (5mgon / 0.074mil)