MAGNET Software

Office Software

Some Specs:

  • New 2.5 update
  • Features Topcon hybrid positioning technology
  • Cloud surfing connectivity
  • 1-step integration with AutoCAD Civil3D
  • Simplied field / office workflow

Product Info:

MAGNET Enterprise is a web-based solution to manage your field and office data in the cloud. Track your assets and communicate with all those involved on projects. Login from any browser for live updates. Save time and money. The power of cloud storage and exchanging of data is realized in increased productivity. Sharing the most up to date, recently collected, or recently drafted data is critical to avoid mistakes in the field or the office. Enterprise provides the manager with the ability to see all projects on-going and also a secure private backed up copy of historical data.

MAGNET Field data collection software enables users to collect confident field measurements and perform construction stakeout, land surveying, and road layout functions, using total stations, levels, and GNSS receivers. Perform topography and layout functions with a helpful Microsoft Bing Maps satellite image background. Carry your custom CAD standards to the field within a Code Library and with a single screen tap, the software will instantly draw three dimensional linework and symbols. MAGNET Field does not require an internet connection in the field but can become even more productive with a cellular enabled controller.

MAGNET Office is a stand-alone processing and modeling solution for surveying and grading applications. Available in several packages to suit your exact needs.

  • MAGNET Office Tools is the in office raw data editor, processing, and post-processing software.
  • MAGNET Office Topo is a drafting package for surveying and simple project drafting, in addition to all the functionality of Office Tools.
  • MAGNET Office Site contains all the functionality of Office Topo, plus advanced design and drafting tools for construction contractors.
  • MAGNET Office Site w/Resurfacing has all of the functionality of Office Site, plus advanced tools for paving, milling and ridability construction.